Sudz-It EV Utility Nozzle


The patent-pending SUDZ-IT EV Utility nozzle is the first of its kind, designed specifically for Electric Vehicle fires, yet serves many applications.
The spray pattern has been engineered to cover a space of 8 ft by 16 ft at 8 inches high, yet still allows a spray pattern covering 128 Square feet
Comes standard with 2×3 foot extension pipes fitted with a curtain nozzle to help protect the firefighters setting it in place


The SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle allows water to be sprayed in the tightest spaces. This low-profile nozzle sprays even water coverage under an electric vehicle, giving you less than 8 inches of clearance. It distributes the water evenly and exactly where it is most effective to cool the most vulnerable and inaccessible part of the vehicle, the battery pack. Using the SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle makes every precious drop of water count and do its job… to Cool and Extinguish.

The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle incorporates a set of skids attached to the nozzle to make placement easier and comes standard with 2 x 3- foot extension pipes fitted with a curtain nozzle to help protect the firefighters setting it in place. Once in place, the nozzles allow Firefighters to operate at a safe distance.

The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle can be used in the following applications:

Electric Vehicle fires
Scooter battery fires
Traditional engine fires
Pallet fires
Cooling LP tanks
Decon nozzle
Decon shower head
Overhauling furniture
Wetting a fire break
Overhauling tight areas


SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle:

12″ Long x 9″ Wide x 2 ½” High, -Weight 4 Pounds
EV nozzle flow is adjustable from 60 GPM up to 150 GPM at 100 PSI. (at the time of Manufacture)
The factory base flow is 60 GPM at the nozzle.

Extension Tubes (see diagram)

1 x 40″ Long x 8″ Wide (at the skid) x 6″ high (at the fan nozzle); Weight 6 Pounds.
1 x 40″ long x 1.5″ wide x 1.5″ High; Weight 4 pounds

Additional exchangeable head nozzles are offered.


Additional Information:

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