Sudz It Utility Rinse System

Using a wet soap-based approach to Preliminary Exposure Reduction has shown up to 85% reduction in fire debris and particulates.



For Preliminary Exposure Reduction per NFPA 1851, the SUDZ-IT Utility Rinse System can easily be utilized by attaching the quick connect hose and SUDZ-IT Decon Brush. The SUDZ-IT Brush produces high quality SUDZ to help remove debris and particulates before doffing. Unlike dish soap, SUDZ-IT is formulated with a neutral pH to meet all requirements of NFPA 1851.



The SUDZ-IT Utility Rinse System utilizes either a SUDZ-IT DONUT or SUDZ-IT BLOCK which produces water with reduced surface tension which can penetrate up to 7 times more than water alone. Deeper penetration ensures any hot surfaces are cooled and any areas that are still smoldering are extinguished readily.